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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yesh Tikvah - Benny Friedman
Yesh Tikvah

תסתכל פה ושם
מסביב לעולם
יש צרות, דאגות
החיוך נעלם
אך אל תראה רק שחור
כי גם זה יעבור
והכל יסתדר
כי ד' יעזור

יש תקוה
אם נשיר כולנו יחד
יש אמונה חזקה מכל הפחד
לא נפול, לא נרעד
כי אנחנו לא לבד
 יש לנו ד' אחד

היי, אחי
בוא איתי
שים ידך בידי
אל תדאג, אל תפחד
כי נצעד יד ביד
הקדוש ברוך הוא
את כולנו אוהב
עוד תראה שמחר
ייגמר הכאב


BugsBenny36 said...

English translation:

Look around, far and near
Where’s the joy, where’s the cheer
Why the fear, why the frown
Why the smile upside down
Shake yourself from the dust
Scrape your soul from the rust
Know that this too shall pass
For in G-d we trust

There is hope
If we sing our hope together
We have faith that is stronger than the terror
No despair, no dismay
Everything will be okay
He is with us night and day

Brother dear
Dry your tears
Take my hand, never fear
Let’s advance, side by side
And let’s cast our fright aside
Don’t forget all the love
That we have from Above
And you’ll see with the dawn
All the pain will be gone

Anonymous said...

A more accurate English:

Take a look, here and there,

[and] around the world,

there are pains, [and] worries

the smile[s] is [are] gone,
but don't be afraid, even [when all seems] if black

b/c this, too, will pass

and all will work out

b/c G-d strengthens you...


There is hope,

if we [cry out/plead with] praise him all together

[b/c] faith is stronger than fear

[we] won't "fall", won't tremble

b/c we are not alone

we have the one G-d

dear brother,

come with me

put your hand in my hand

don't worry, don't be afraid,

b/c we stand, hand in hand

The holy One, blessed is He

loves everyone

don't be afraid any further, b/c tomorrow [you will see]

He will remove all of the pain


Anonymous said...

to anonymous: the 1st transilation posted is just the rhymiong transilitation, so that might be why you don't think it's so accurate

Anonymous said...

Transliteration on Yesh tikvah:
Misaviv Laolam
Yesh Tzarot Daagot
Hechiyot Neolam
Ach Al Tireh Rak Shachor
Ki Gam zeh ya'avor
Vihakol Yisatader
Ki Hashem Yaazor
Yesh Tikvah
Im Nashir Kulanu Yachad
Yesh Emunah Chazakah Mikol Hapachad
Lo Niful, Lo Nirad
Ki Anachnu Lo Livad
Yesh Lanu Hashem Echad.

Hey Achi
Boh I'ti.
Sim yudech bidi
Al Tidag, al Tifchad
Ki Nitzad yad biyad
Hakadosh Baruch Hu
Et Kulanu Ohev
Od Tirah Shemachar
Yigamar Hechav

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth Hertzberg said...

The second translation is far more accurate, but they both convey the same message.

Anonymous said...

BugsBenny - did you just write that rhyming translation? Really impressive and well-done!

Anonymous said...

There is hope if we sing together
Faith is stronger than fear
won't fall, won't tremble
For we are not alone
we have Hashem who is One

shoutedthedustspeck said...

Color Coded Translation

Dovid Lando said...

Does anyone know where i can get the lyrics to the Yiddish version?

Anonymous said...

good song......shalom......

i like ari goldwg and all isreal singers

lisa from hk

Anonymous said...

In the official video at the end when he repeats the chorus several times, in the one before last he changes the words, does anyone know what they are?

Chance Chari said...
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Dovid said...
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Anonymous said...

Alternate version of the chorus at the end:

כן העם לבדד
קדימה נצעד לעד
בשמחה ובטוב לבב

Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for the information. You have a very good article. I found it informative and useful. Keep up the good work and God bless!


Anonymous said...

can you translate that alternate verse to English for me? thanks Dan